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LLM BAR EXAM is the first and only bar preparation course, designed specifically
for international LL.M. students, to prepare for the New York State Bar Examination.


The Beginning


The formation of LLM BAR EXAM began in 2006 when a small group of LL.M. students recognized the limitations of bar review courses that were available at that time.  While looking for a program to fit their particular needs, this group of students quickly realized that no such program existed for LL.M. students.  Based on preliminary market research, this group of students, who evolved into the founders of LLM BAR EXAM, was quickly aware that traditional bar review courses simply did not address the fundamental differences between LL.M. students and J.D. students.


Core Concepts


Applying this basic notion, the founders of LLM BAR EXAM began to identify the optimal way for an LL.M. student to prepare for the bar examination.  The first step in this process was to identify common pain points for LL.M. students:


Academic Limitations.            LL.M. students rarely take “first-year” classes that are required of J.D.   students.  These “first-year” classes make up a majority of the MBE subjects on the bar examination.  Without a specialized preparation, the founders of LLM BAR EXAM found that this lack of academic preparation left LL.M. students at a disadvantage on a scaled exam


Time Limitations.                   Bar applicants not only need to know substantive law, but also must be able to put this information down on paper in the limited time available to succeed on the bar examination.  The founders of LLM BAR EXAM found that many LL.M. students focused almost entirely on learning substantive law, leaving little to no time to practice bar examination strategy.


Once these concepts were clearly defined, the next step was to design a proprietary methodology to appropriately balance bar examination substance and strategy.  The result of the founders’ extensive market research and analysis is the modern LLM BAR EXAM bar preparation program, which was officially launched in 2009.


Our Mission for the Future


Since its formal introduction in 2009, LLM BAR EXAM has grown from a fledgling program with one classroom location to a national program with students from more than 80 home countries.  As LLM BAR EXAM continues to grow, we seek to maintain the small classroom feel of the first year of the program.  We seek to promote the highest levels of individual attention by creating personalized study schedules and assigning personal tutors to all students.  Finally, we seek to continue our research and design efforts in order to ensure that our students are receiving the highest quality program, preparation, faculty, and staff.


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