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Features and Methodology
Early Exposure Sessions

The LLM BAR EXAM program officially begins with a series of introductory sessions, known as Early Exposure. The purpose of these introductory sessions is to begin building a foundation for each of the seven MBE subjects and to start learning techniques and strategy to apply directly on the Bar Examination. The Early Exposure sessions typically begin in January for the July Bar Examination and in September for the February Bar Examination.

LLM – Listen, Learn, and Master© 

LLM BAR EXAM has created a unique three-step process to conquer both MBE and state-specific subjects for the New York and California Bar Examinations – Listen, Learn, and Master© (LLM).

Listen. The first part of this process, the Listening Phase, takes place during Early Exposure. During this phase, you will listen to the MBE subjects for the first time and begin to build your foundation for the Bar Examination. The required time commitment for Early Exposure is flexible while you complete your LL.M. program. 

Learn. The second part of this process, the Learning Phase, takes place after your graduation and at the beginning of our core program.  Our core program begins at the end of May for the July Bar Examination and at the end of December for the February Bar Examination. During the Learning Phase, you will dig deeper into each MBE subject and learn the state-specific distinctions, as well as all the subjects tested on the New York or California Bar Examination. Our faculty will walk you through each LLM BAR EXAM outline during this phase of our unique three-step process.  

Master. The third part of this process, the Mastering Phase, takes place from the middle to the end of our program.  During the Mastering Phase, our MBE faculty will return for a third time to review each subject and go over exam-taking techniques. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned during four simulated MBE diagnostic tests and one complete simulated Bar Examination.  

10 Essays Workshop - Over 40 Assignments

The LLM BAR EXAM methodology focuses heavily on essay writing. Each LLM BAR EXAM student will write a minimum of 40 assignements during our program. LLM BAR EXAM is the only program to require this level of essay writing practice during the course. You will benefit from repeatedly practicing how to put an essay down on paper under time constraints.

Our Bar Preparation Materials

Our Materials include eight books that succinctly summarize the law tested on both the Local and Multistate days of the NY and CA Bar Exam, and include all the essays, MBE questions, MPT questions  you will need to succeed. They also include Power Outlines for final review and capsules for more than 150 of the most critical definitions on the Bar Exam.

Video Library

As an enrolled student, you will have unlimited access to view the lectures in our Video Library at no additional cost. All live lectures are recorded and placed in our Video Library the same day for your unlimited viewing during your enrollment with LLM BAR EXAM.

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