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LLM Bar Exam


During the Bar Exam Preparation there is a substantial amount of material to cover in a small period of time.  

One of the biggest challenges students face is to be able to master all of the reading material in a short period of time. Often, to be able to understand every single word, students spend too much time reading the outlines and not enough time applying the materials on practice exams and essays.

In order to help our students to increase the speed of their reading and the efficiency of their retention, LLM Bar Exam has partnered with Iris Reading, the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading training, to provide a class on speed reading specifically designed for international students taking the Bar Examination.  This class will provide our students with the skills they need to read the materials quickly and efficiently, so that they will gain all the knowledge they need, and still have time to apply this knowledge in practice.  

What makes this opportunity truly special is that our students will have the opportunity to practice these skills on real MBE questions and Bar Exam outlines!  We are confident that this class will raise our pass rate even higher than it has been in the past.


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