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LLM BAR EXAM is the only program developed specifically for international LL.M. students. LLM BAR EXAM classes represent students from more than 80 home countries. Our students have originated from countries located within North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceana. Our students also represent a variety of different backgrounds in law – civil law, common law, religious law, and pluralistic legal systems - and come from native  and non-native English speaking countries. The LLM BAR EXAM methodology is successful regardless of your background!


Former LLM BAR EXAM Students’ Experiences:

"I passed the Bar Exam on my first try in July of 2010. I received an MBE score of 148.5. I found that Textbooks were concise and to the point. They were easy to understand for non-native English speakers. The professors explained comprehensibly the details of law along the outlines and provided useful examples. The lectures were very helpful in understanding law. LLM BAR EXAM also provided me with very useful strategy and helped me develop skills in writing an essay, which I believe was a key to pass the Bar Exam. I would therefore recommend this course to any LLM that wants to pass the NY Bar Exam" – LLM BAR EXAM Student from Japan


“I passed!!! I am so overjoyed right now. Please give all my thanks to the entire LLM BAR EXAM staff. You have all been of great support and the fact that you adapted the class to our specific needs played a huge part in this success! Once again, thanks a million to all of you.” – LLM BAR EXAM Student from France


“It was a good exam – we were prepared! Lots of questions that we have been working on in class and in the previous simulations. I am glad! There were some questions that I could hear [my tutor’s] voice explaining the answer. Thank you for everything!! – LLM BAR EXAM Student from Brazil


“I can't believe this! I passed [the Bar]! Thank you so much for all your help and support. I would have not been able without you guys!” – LLM BAR EXAM Student from Italy


“Thank you very much for a job well done in regards to my preparation for the Bar exam. I received a sound overview of all the topics! All the best for LLM BAR EXAM – I will recommend you to any international LL.M. student. From a soon-to-be-licensed attorney in the state of NY” – LLM BAR EXAM Student from Austria


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